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Within the PRIDE our Lions have many unique backgrounds and stories. Abdul “Hamid” Q. (right) was the first refugee from Afghanistan to join the team. Since starting, Hamid has been the vanguard for bringing other refugees on board by helping build a cultural bridge for the team that now works with us. He trains the refugees in their native tongue and is with them in the field where he helps if they have questions. Hamid has given guidance in setting up a trailer for the refugees on job sites to pray throughout the day, and he helps them learn English, so it removes barriers both during and outside of work hours. Hamid is committed to the growth of every PRIDE member and, in addition, is helping us create opportunities for refugees who are seeking a career while learning the local culture.

When you think of refugees, you may think of people who are forced to flee their homes because they are no longer able to live in peace or are no longer welcome because of their race, religion, nationality, political, or social affiliation. They are taken to countries where they are often unfamiliar with the culture, do not speak the language, and know no one. We often find that difficult times can lead to new opportunities. For Corbins, this is our opportunity to learn more about their culture and to be a part of their journey by creating a place that helps them adjust to a new environment—where they can have strong, reliable mentors that are there when faced with adversity.

Hamid came to the US with his wife and kids in 2021, fleeing the Taliban’s takeover, and lived in a hotel room for 7 months before being set up in an apartment by the International Rescue Committee. Coming here was not a complete shock to him as he had been to the US previously for training as an instructor pilot in the Air Force. For his wife and children, however, this is their first time here. His wife is currently taking English lessons every week and two of his daughters are in school. He has been able to meet people and says that life outside of work has been going well thanks to a good routine with good habits.

As our team continuously grows we are exposed to a variety of backstories, and we appreciate every Lion for their contribution to our rich company culture by adding their own!