The First Commercial-Grade GUV Lighting System in the U.S.

The First Commercial-Grade GUV Lighting System in the U.S.


Corbins Offering the First Commercial-Grade GUV Lighting System


Corbins is now offering the first commercial-grade germicidal ultraviolet lighting system in the U.S. This system will be a gamechanger for all sectors, especially those with large, high-traffic spaces that require sanitation to supplement your current facility cleaning routines. GUV lighting uses power from low-pressure mercury vapor lamps that change the irradiance in a room to reach levels that kill bacteria, mold, & fungi, and inactivate viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, better known as COVID-19.  This system is backed by research with a more than 35-year track record, is fast and chemical-free, disinfecting in minutes, and is a UL1598 Safety Certified GUV system. We are looking forward to installing these & seeing the impact it will bring to the health of our communities!



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