Safety Week 2021

Safety Week 2021

“Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe.”

Recognized industry-wide from May 3rd-7th, 2021, Construction Safety Week emphasizes the importance of overall wellbeing within the construction industry. Safety extends beyond tool inspections and wearing PPE, it includes increasing awareness and paying attention to risks around you and your team. The construction industry is demanding and challenging, both physically and mentally. People from all different backgrounds come together to build something so intricate, but substantial. From the smallest buildings to the largest data centers in the nation, the industry comes together with one common end goal: finish the project on time and safely. Injuries can happen in an instant, so being aware and focused on the project and your surroundings are critical on a job site. The safety practices embodied through the industry are evolving the industry to prioritize the overall wellbeing and value of their people.

Throughout Construction Safety Week 2021, the industry emphasized the theme of “Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe.” It is critical to recognize the impact of mental health and overall wellbeing throughout the industry. Our choices within the workplace have real consequences for not only ourselves but for everyone around us. Stress and distractions can take away our focus and interfere with our decision-making or reaction time, which affects our ability to work safely. We have all been in a position where we are often distracted or are not truly present in the moment. With all the challenges we face in today’s world, it can be difficult to remain truly present. When industry workers are committed to the overall wellbeing and safety of themselves and others around them, everyone wins.

At Corbins, safety is who we are, not something we do. Acknowledging the overall wellbeing and taking the initiative to provide resources is our priority to ensure we are taking care of our most valuable asset: our people. Safety is engrained in our Lions Code which each member of the PRIDE has agreed to, whether they are in the field or the office. We have a zero-tolerance policy for engaging in behaviors that may sacrifice the wellbeing of any member of the PRIDE. When considering future projects, the safety of the project and what that means for our workforce is a top priority. That being said, we proudly hold an EMR (experience modification rating) of .59. Our culture of safety is a top priority at Corbins, where we are continuously creating ways to proactively foster the safest work environment for our employees.



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