The PRIDE Executes A Near-Flawless UPS Shutdown

The PRIDE Executes A Near-Flawless UPS Shutdown

We finished the last of 3 sequential shutdowns, the longest one running 52-hours straight, at one of the largest UPS distribution centers in the Southwest over Memorial weekend. Since the operating facility had no other source of power and was on a strict timeline to resume normal operations the days following each shutdown, there was no room for error. With ample time and effort put into planning, 1100 man hours were poured into this project from start to finish, including a combined 300 hours in the final stretch of non-stop (day & night) work to complete the following: ⠀

– Relocate & replace existing APS transformer ⠀
– Replace 1000A distribution panel ⠀
– Install new 3000A distribution panel & tie in new 3000A SES ⠀

This project was a huge success considering the amount of teamwork, pre-planning, and execution that was needed for the job to run so smoothly. A significant part of this is due to the display of our Lions’ Code with the trust built within the team to operate with discipline and to show up for their respective shifts with an attitude to succeed and support each other. All members of the PRIDE involved delivered results consistently to not only meet timelines but EXCEED them. Thanks to all who contributed, you represented the PRIDE well.

In our industry teamwork can extend beyond the PRIDE & we’d like to APS for their team approach on this project. #corbinsPRIDE



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