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Jessica Grant, CCIFP
EVP & CFO, Partner


“We show up every day with an analytical attitude towards our work. We’re not just going to get the job done, we’re going to make the process better as we go.”

After graduating from ASU with her BS in Accountancy, Jessica unexpectedly landed her career in construction. Out of college, she had many interviews with people in other industries but was drawn to the down-to-earth people and casual environment of construction, and enjoys the competitive nature of the industry.  After quickly advancing at her first job to take on running all of operations for the business, she also got a few years of experience working in commercial construction before starting at Corbins in 2012. “Things were so different then, and that’s what sets the PRIDE apart. Our team is willing to change, even if it’s painful. If we know the outcome will make us faster & more innovative, then we do it. It makes a huge difference when you have a lot of people who think like that working together. The PRIDE core value of Development is something we pursue seriously, not only as a team, but personally,” she shares. “I recently got my CFMA accreditation, CCIFP, and enjoy supporting and investing in the industry. It’s a great program because it pushes you a little harder to stay active and accountable to learning.”

Jessica is proud of the diversity of talent at Corbins and shares her excitement in seeing the outstanding leaders advance in their positions and seeing their teams grow. She states simply, “To do well in construction, you have to be assertive and a hard worker. You have to learn to communicate well and build relationships.”

We are grateful for your leadership & the example you set for the PRIDE, Jessica! #corbinsPRIDE #WICweek2021