Women in Construction – Laura Varela

Women in Construction – Laura Varela

Laura Varela

“I never would’ve imagined myself in construction, but I now have a solid career path in a field that I love and keeps me on my toes.”

“I’ve been with Corbins for almost 6 years. I’m working as an Apprentice, but I wasn’t always in the field. I started in prefab, then got the opportunity to go into the office to do work in Safety and the Workforce Development department as well. That’s when I decided it was time to take the leap and join our Apprenticeship program and start getting field experience.” Laura was voted Apprentice of the Year 2020 by her peers, for the leadership & teamwork she exudes. She shares how grateful she is for the experience she’s had working with people in different departments and for the mentors she’s had to help guide her where she wanted to be. She says, “I love the fast pace of the field. When you’re on your toes, thinking all the time, the workday goes by incredibly fast.”

For someone who loves the field so much, the ironic thing is Laura had no idea she would ever end up in construction. “I went to a vocational high school and we had to pick a program for junior/senior year, and I had the option of business, nursing, daycare, automotive, engineering, and construction. Out of pure curiosity I ended up choosing the electrical trade in construction. I never would’ve thought it would be my career, but I don’t regret making that decision for a second.”

Laura went on to win the competition for her electrical project in high school and was scouted by Corbins to join the PRIDE after graduation. Laura says, “I’ve only ever had a job at Corbins, and the reason I’ve stayed here is because of the culture and the people. It’s easy to feel a little intimidated going into this field, but you’re working with people that actually want to teach you. They are helpful and respectful, always willing to lend a hand, and not afraid to push you. Like me with pipe bending- I didn’t know I could do it! But I think that’s important for people to hear; you’re not going to be alone, you’re going to be part of a team.”

Laura is in her second year of her Apprenticeship and has big goals, including, graduating from the WECA Apprenticeship program and working her way to Foreman. Her long-term goal is to get her degree and become a Project Manager for Corbins.

It’s incredible to see Laura excelling & pursuing all that’s available in this career path. Thank you for your hard work and leadership, Laura, we are grateful to have you in the PRIDE! #corbinsPRIDE #WICweek2021



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