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As we approach Thanksgiving we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the many reasons we are grateful. One major aspect being the opportunity to be a part of a cause as special as Big Dig for Kids.

On Saturday, November 5th our company and many others in the industry participated in the private event honoring the Phoenix Children’s Hospital which promotes healing for the children while sparking curiosity about the trades.

The kids were able to ride and operate bulldozers, excavators and other heavy machinery. The highlight of participating is seeing the young faces beam with hope and joy while they are with their families having fun and just being kids. Some members of the PRIDE brought their own children to join the one-of-a kind experience, and enjoy the day with the other children.

This fundraiser has been in place since 2016, and since its existence, approximately 1.2 million dollars has been raised for pediatric cancer research. This year Big Dig was able to raise $750,000, which will aid in making the very best in medical specialization, cutting-edge technology, and family services possible for the MIBG Therapy Program, regardless of ability to pay.  We are overjoyed to have contributed to a truly beautiful day, and continue to look for ways to make a difference supporting our community.