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Foreman, Damian Lincoln, has made his mark on Corbins and within the industry with an instinct for leadership and a deep commitment to advancing the construction industry.

Since joining Corbins in 2020, Damian has never shied away from tasks and is an outstanding leader. Whatever he takes on, he gives his all. This persistence has helped him move from a Journey worker to Foreman in his short time with us. “I want to become a leader like the leaders before me, that stand with you when you need them most. Jaime and Alberto are great leaders, always striving to be the best, ” he states.

Damian was born into a bloodline of tradesmen, explaining that his father, brothers, and uncles all share a love for construction. “The most fulfilling part of my job is being able to take pride in my work. My responsibility on the job site as the medium voltage terminator is to open required high-voltage switches to de-energize line or equipment to be worked on, test for the voltage, and clamp grounding devices to equipment to ensure the safety of my fellow PRIDE teammates.”

Damian has recently been recognized by many departments for his excellence in our Foreman’s #1 Promise: I am the keeper of life and death. Through my actions, my crew knows that I am serious about Safety, I care about them, and I expect every brother and sister of the PRIDE to watch out for each other.

He says, “Being a Foreman has given me a great team and taught me more about the importance of good communication while we always have each other’s back. You really are your brother’s keeper.”

We are so proud to have Damian as part of our PRIDE. Thank you for your leadership and dedication to your development.